“If agency is imaginatively bestowed on things, then they can start acting like people. They can ‘act back’, inducing persons in their vicinity to do what they otherwise might not.”

Tim Ingold (2007)

This practice based research seeks to develop a language for non-human entities by utilising a variety of mediums and spacial configurations in order to form a vocabulary.

In the form of a series of experiments investigating alternative ways in which objects may see, speak, and listen, this project aims to create a platform where it is possible for these objects to subsequently share their perspectives with other inanimate objects as well as a person.

Grounded in a cognitive linguistics analysis theories of storytelling environments, topology and inspired by Surrealism, this analysis is not aimed at discovering hidden characteristics or mechanisms of objects in a rational way, but rather, in the footsteps of Breton, to preserve and enhance the wonder and poetic possibilities of objects.

This research will culminate as an exhibition design practice - centred around affording equal agency to the object in its capacity to take part in narrative production and therefore aid the emergence of a multiplicity of stories - which in turn is intended to be utilised as a curatorial strategy for museum exhibitions.


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